Wednesday, 13 August 2008

What qualifications does one need to join a 'think tank'?

Apparently, some northern cities are in a state of inexorable decline, and their residents should move to prosperous southern cities to avoide becoming trapped.

Whoever participated in this think tank must have been very brave. Not only have they suggested to the residents of Liverpool and Sunderland should up sticks for the bright lights and dreaming spires*, they've also implied that any potential economic renaissance in said locations would have to be ancillary to those already underway in nearby (hence despised) places such as Manchester and Newcastle. Well, it would be, but apparently the cities in the studies are such basket cases that they are now beyond any benevolence their neighbours might be capable of bestowing. I really wouldn't want to be the one to go into a pub in Sunderland and announce that everyone should move to Winchester because, if the Geordies couldn't save them, they certainly wouldn't be capable of doing it themselves.

This also invites the thought of en masse migrations, so the residents of Cambridge might want to sell up now, before the entire population of Bradford hove into view on the Fenland horizon...

* Did they come up with this plan after reading some old Smiths lyrics and watching a Shelagh Delaney play?

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