Friday, 27 February 2009


After an absolute ballache (as my brother would say) of a week, in which I have been forced to teach like I've never taught before, it was refreshing to check my e-mail and find an e-mail praising one of my lessons (one that I thought had bored the students to death). I was going to quote it, but my paranoiac instincts made me wonder if the sender might Google her own e-mail content...

Just been to a training session, which was actually a marketing opportunity for O.U.P.'s Hungarian wing. Most of the teachers present were not Hungarian, and those who weren't were TEFL bunnies. I was sat at the front trying to disguise the fact that I'm a moonlighting Eng. Lit. doctor.

Two very long posts to come soon - one part two of the 'Writers' thing and the other...well, the other is very long. I'm not sure where it ends up.

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