Tuesday, 10 February 2009

English Lessons in Petfood Wonkaland

Yes, a title like that should grab 'em.

Sorry to any regular readers for the low postage this last week. I've been working, and canvassing for work, a fair bit. I've finally got some lessons organised and have now even got a couple under my belt. Man. I'm teaching English as a language subject. How weird.

Anyway, yesterday I went to a town called Budaörs to meet with a company who need some language tutoring done a few times a week. As the title of this post implies, it's a petfood company, although the Budaörs site is (thankfully) not the factory. Anyway, I had to sit alone in the boardroom waiting for the HR manager to come and see what I was all about. It was like being in a Graham Greene, or perhaps Evelyn Waugh, novel: sitting alone in this swanky corporate facility, in an unfamiliar town, surrounded by a wide variety of sample petfood products, feeling absolutely knackered thanks to a lesson taught at 7.30 that morning. The place was a little bit like Wonka HQ if it appealed to dogs rather than children. If this wasn't surreal enough, the view out of the window was of the rather striking landscape of the Buda Hills, which look ever so slightly like Pennine crags.

Anyway, I got the work. I think I've established three contracts through the school, and I have a couple of potential private students. I finally feel like I live here.

I've also been designing my new blog, which will host all the outpourings of my currently frustrated inner football correspondent. The link will come soon. It looks nicer than this blog, possibly.

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