Friday, 16 January 2009

Football, Sublime and Ridiculous

I just celebrated being offered an interview by watching the paradigmatically graceful goal 'new Zidane' Yoann Gourcuff scored for Bordeaux against Paris St. Germain last weekend whilst simultaneously listening to the hook where it all goes 'Scottish Tourist Board advertisement' in the first song on the new Mogwai album (still up in its entirety on MySpace). Here's the goal:

But football: bloody hell. I'll be chirruping the disapproval of a billion know-nothing Daily Mail columnists here, but this 'Kaka to Manchester City on half a million quid a week' affair is absolutely beyond the already-hugely-budged pale. I won't insult your intelligences by pointing out how much useful stuff that money can purchase.

Elsewhere this week - I read Joseph Roth's The Radetzky March and Malcolm Lowry's Ultramarine, and now I'm re-reading Rebecca West's Black Lamb and Grey Falcon. And did some other stuff. Writing, mostly.


Attic Fantasist said...

Congratulations on the interview, Joe. Good luck with it. ;-)

Joe said...

Cheers Chris - it's weird, because I'm not actually sure what I'm being interviewed for. I didn't respond to an advertisement, I just sent my resumé off to a language school and they want me to come in 'for a chat'.

Hopefully, they're interested in employing me in some James Bond-like capacity...