Thursday, 6 November 2008

Of Time and the City

I admit I'm hijacking Attic Fantasist's theme here, but I can't wait to see Terence Davies's Merseyside cine-Proust Of Time and the City. It looks very special indeed. That said, I shouldn't think there'll be too many screenings of it in Budapest, where the market for autumnal reflection is pretty much saturated.

Pre-trip reading (and re-reading) list:

Back through Vol. I of A la Recherche...
Peter Nadas, The Book of Memories.
Walter Benjamin, Berlin Childhood Around 1900 (I actually read some of this last time I was there).
Some Thomas Mann, certainly encompassing a re-engagement with The Magic Mountain.
Something more light-hearted than the above...


Attic Fantasist said...
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Attic Fantasist said...

Hi Joe,

Thought you might be interested in this:

I was lucky enough last week to watch the film and him being interviewed about it and his life. As usual, the two interweave. I'd love you to write some thoughts on your blog about the film once you've seen it.

Take care,
Chris ;-))