Wednesday, 5 November 2008

In the waiting room...

I haven't posted on here for far too long. This is almost certainly because I have no thesis to write and, consequently, no need for a displacement activity. Anyway, I'm sitting up watching what I hope is the world changing - at least a little - on the BBC website and contemplating our (very) imminent move to Budapest and how I might set about finishing the post about Steve McQueen (of Britart, rather than Papillon, fame) that I began almost a fortnight ago. I also want to comment on an excellently composed review of a new Smiths compilation by Taylor Parkes which I think addresses the fundamental failure of people to actually listen to said band, but I don't feel like shuffling words right now.

I'm clinging to the hope that an Obama victory will be one in the eye for my writer's block, amongst other things.


Attic Fantasist said...

Good to see you back, Joe! I've been checking regularly, but you weren't there :-((

Now you are ;-))

You must be elated yourself, what with the PhD in the bag an' all. Many well dones from me.

Joe said...

Cheers, Chriws, and good to hear from you. Still pre-viva, so terrified, but got other things - namely moving to another city - to mither about before then!

Pleased to have it submitted, but I'll be much more pleased when it it 100% all over...

Thanks again,