Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Vamps Update

Okay, here is the current list of literary vamps, sorted by character then work:

Sherlock Homes - 'The Adventure of the Empty House'
Dean Moriarty - On the Road (thanks, Sinj)
Kurtz - Heart of Darkness
Dracula - Dracula (obviously.*)
The Wizard - The Wizard of Oz (clutching at straws now)

Any other suggestions, please? I'm inclined to think that Heatchcliff gets a bit of a vamp in Wuthering Heights, and what about the beginning of Hardy's Return of the Native? There's always Godot - but maybe the unfulfilled vamp is a different category.

* The vamp would be much longer had Stoker incorporated 'Dracula's Guest' at the beginning of the novel. However, 'Dracula's Guest' would also spoil the work for a number of reasons that you'll figure out if you read it.

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