Thursday, 31 July 2008

Post 100, 2008

It was going to be about the Booker longlist, but let's have something more celebratory:

Yorkshire free to fly own flag

When Jenny and I went travelling in Spain, which is now a shocking four years ago, we went to an all-night feria in Malaga. There were literally hundreds of different beer tents, most of which had their own theme as they were sponsored by different organisations. We wanted to hear some rock music, and the only place we could hear it playing from was the Malaga Young Communists beer tent. We went in there and got a drink and were invited to write the name of our local organisation on the wall as many other visitors to the tent had; there was lots of things like 'Hamburg Communists' and 'Palermo Communists'. Anyway, we used our space to make a claim for the 'Yorkshire Liberation Front'. I like to think that somewhere in Andalusia a socialist meeting-place has a set of 'Free Compo' stickers in solidarity with us.

And, just to celebrate our new-found autonomy once again: