Friday, 6 June 2008

Euro 2008- D-U-C Supports...

...Turkey! Yes, it's the boys from the Bosphorus (copyright- Awful Tabloid Cliches) that I'm backing in this one.


1- I got quite absorbed by Orhan Pamuk's Snow earlier this year.

2- I have a longstanding ambition to visit Istanbul.

3- I like the diacritical marks used in Turkish more than the diacritical marks used in any other language (except perhaps Hungarian, where the diacritical marks are similar).

4- Turkish places names are pleasing- particularly 'Trabzon'.

5- Play good football.

6- The fact that, if you sit alone in a restaurant in Istanbul, you will be accosted by a performing troupe who will attempt to soothe your solitude. Perhaps this only happens to Michael Palin though.

7- On whim.

8- Typically British favouring of an underdog, although Turkey are clearly not the real underdogs in this tournament. The real underdogs are absolute no-hopers, and hosts, Austria.

9- Don't like all the racist hostility that has been manifested towards Turkish people by English football fans over the last few years.

10- Could celebrate victory by eating interesting Turkish sweets.

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Imij said...

Turkish Delight, you mean?