Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Liking this a lot #3

And, of course, Jenny's recent posts, particularly the excellent skewering of the noughties 'angel cult'. And the picture of me.

One point, Mrs, regarding the most recent post: you may think that a pan-European devotion to Yellow Magic Orchestra is a lie born of a sinister conspiracy dreamed up by the writers of modern languages textbooks, but I was fortunate enough to catch almost all of Laid Back's absolutely genius anti-drugs-message-that-was-surely-made-under-the-influence-of-drugs 'White Horse' in the 24-hour supermarket on Kert├ęsz utca today. Life on the continent really is like living inside an eternal Mantronix set.

Anyway, why would anyone not like Yellow Magic Orchestra?

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Jennifer Hodgson said...

Wonderful, lovely, delicious boy you are wonderful, lovely and delicious.

Also: fanks for the props and the link, like.