Monday, 8 December 2008

Down, Benczúr, Down

I thought we'd best not have Cleopatra at the top of the page any longer. Never fear, I have a large selection of Hungarian nudity to disseminate yet. I'm currently mustering my reserves to tattle something out about parquet floors and surrealism.

Today, though, has largely been about viva prep. Why did I make some of those mistakes? This morning was better: a massive walk through Buda, including jaunts up Gellert Hill and the Rószadomb and an exorcistic sally past the scene of 2006's Great Missed Aiport Bus and Subsequent Expensive Taxi Disaster. From Gellert, it becomes clear just how massive Budapest is. In each direction - south to Csepel, west to Kelenföld, north-east to Angyalföld, north to Óbuda and Békásmegyer - one can see vast post-1945 linear development, pre-fabbed mid-rises in grey, grey, grey. It was a beautiful morning as well, to the extent that the light coming back off the Danube burnt my eyes.

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