Thursday, 22 May 2008

Football Wins

It most certainly did. United might have been rubbish in the second half, and unnecessarily showy in the first, but they've deserved it over the course of the season. Not that I'm biased or anything, but it was surely better seeing Ryan Giggs getting his hand(s) on the trophy than 'Brave John Terry'. I quote Ron, who puts it better than I could have done:
Here's an idea: instead of entering into a dickswinging competition to show how tough/ brave you are, why not let someone who can actually shoot take the decisive penalty. Ho ho ho.
Couldn't have put it better. Ronaldo's penalty was awful, but he's allowed a few lapses now and again. I think the knowing grin on Michel Platini's face when United went up for the cup said it all: they have indeed been the best team in Europe this season, whilst playing the best football. Note to Arsenal fans there, by the way. 'Playing the best football' means entertaining whilst scoring goals and winning rather than engaging in elaborate one-twos and being sycophantically praised by the 'Manchester' Guardian. Justice, as Thomas Hardy says*, was done...

* Yes, it was a very different context, but it's an awful book and he should just have stuck to the poems. If he'd been writing the poems by the time the book was published. Which he wasn't.

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