Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Football Injuries

Despite the fact I've been playing on Astroturf for over ten years now, it wasn't until last night that I experienced my first astroburn. Ow. I compounded this a few moments later by attempting to drag the ball back underneath my feet, missing said ball entirely, and kicking myself in the calf leaving an unsightly bruise. On top of this, I have a big mark on my forearm from some overenthusiastic guitar playing at the weekend.

Tonight, Nicholas Royle (who wrote The Uncanny) is coming to the faculty to give a paper entitled 'Fear of Freud' in the research seminar I co-organise. It should be exciting.

Also, Teknikov are playing what is both our first gig for some time and possibly our last for even more. We have new songs (3, in theory). We have rehearsed more than once. It will be fun. If you would like to partake in this exciting event, you can catch us at the Queen Charlotte, Dereham Road, Norwich on the night of Saturday 26th April.



Ernesto said...

Good luck tomorrow at the gig!

And that talk sounds really interesting.

Man, Freud, Footie and rock and roll: you rule!

Joe said...

Cheers Ernesto, though the phrase 'Jack of all trades, master of none' sometimes seems applicable to my life.

The talk was very interesting (and very long). Once I've digested it a bit more I'll post some kind of a report.