Friday, 22 February 2008

Boards of Canada, 'Dayvan Cowboy'

This BOC video shows some of the world record for both the highest altitude parachute jump (31,300 metres) and the longest freefall (four minutes and thirty-six seconds, to 5,300 metres). The record was set on August 16th, 1960, by American Joseph Kittinger.

I'd love to know what he did that night...'Alright Bob, nice day at work?' 'No, my secretary was off sick and I had to field all of my own calls. Yourself?' 'Oh, you know, the usual. Thirteen mile free-fall from the outer stratosphere, got frostbite because the pressurizer in my glove was hand nearly fell off. What are you drinking?'

Good old Boards, though- always good for the tear-jerkers.

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